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Viz Media has been recently dipping its toes into game publishing with a few indie titles and during this week they have announced  a new title made by the talented artist Picogram with the help of Rose City Games

Viz Medias first published game was The World Next Door, a visual novel puzzle that was released back in March. The second game they are publishing, Cat Lady, has no confirmed release date.

A synopsis of the game on the official site describes the game:

As the newly appointed village guardian, explore ways to help those around you. Garden Story is a Social Simulator/Adventure RPG that emphasizes helping the community. Traverse a broken island, protect its inhabitants, and solve mysteries while making friends with a fruity cast of characters.

Garden Story offers a wide array of things to do in game including:

  • Restore a dilapidated island: Explore and cultivate each of the four regions as Concord the Grape.

  • Help your neighbors: Fulfill islanders’ requests, foster relationships, and make friends with a fruity cast of characters!

  • Nurture your environment: Care for garden plots, gather resources, and upgrade your tools to better take care of your new home.

  • Solve the mystery of the Rot: Uncover the island’s broken past as you solve puzzles and defend yourself against the corruption of Rot.

  • Curate a library: Deposit and catalogue resources to create a library of island lore!

  • Set your pace: Care for garden plots by day, take a stroll in the evening, or focus on completing favors…It’s all up to you.

  • Acquire memories: Experience new things to fill Concord’s scrapbook with usable perks and traits!

Garden Story will be coming to Steam in Spring 2020.


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