‘MACHETE’ Review – The Birth Of A Mexican Superhero!

Here’s an early review for the upcoming Robert Rodriguez film, MACHETE.  The review was sent to us from a person that posted it on IMDB and is from the point of view of a Latina… Enjoy!


Movie Review By: Letty Martinez. – From the time we were little kids to present day, our gente (Mexican word for ‘People’) has relied on the American superheroes to idolize and admire. Now, as extraordinary as the Supermans and Spidermans of this world are, we, as a people, share absolutely nothing with them. In comes Robert Rodriguez to fill that Superfigureless void we’ve had by revealing to the world the man that is MACHETE, our first Latino superhero! This past week, Tha Kite was invited to a private screening of the Globally anticipated, Robert Rodriguez film, MACHETE. Danny Trejo, one of our cultures most familiar and beloved talents, executes his first lead role and holds his own amongst this star studded supporting cast.

MACHETE has all the key elements one would expect from a Rodriguez directed piece, such as non-stop, in your face, action, a hot chick for every liking, characters with shocking personalities and a satiric storyline that although fictional, doesn’t stray too far from our current social situation.

Trejo, who’s acting abilities are as captivating as his iconic face, stars as an Ex-Federal whose run in with Mexico’s drug kingpin, Torrez (Steven Segal), leaves him wifeless and looking for a new life in Texas, residence of his brother in the film Padre (Cheech Marin), where he tries to carry on as a day laborer. Quickly does that change however when Machete finds himself as a hired assassin caught in a new web of corruption in this new land. Along with the Action Star role, Machete also acquires a “Fabio” mystique about him. Romancing every woman he comes in contact with. From Sartana (Jessica Alba), an immigrations officer who‘s initial interest in him is that of a detective to suspect, to Luz (Michelle Rodriguez), whose taco truck lady veil uncovers to show not just an amazing body but a revolutionary spirit and caring heart, to April (Lindsay Lohan), the privileged and self-destructive daughter of a clever yet cruel businessman by the name of Booth, who’s at the heart of the conspiracy with his target, Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro) giving us all a chuckle as he plays a goofy, ill natured and callously motivated Texas politician. Remind you of anyone? Thankfully this character is only in the movie and no longer a part of our real life. Moreover, what is more real life than anything in this film is the underlying immigration issue that we are seeing both in the movie and in our present day society. Rodriguez does amazingly well at portraying as many if not all points of view concerning this issue.

Needless to say, this film, set to release September 3rd, will have you genuinely entertained. Thought provoking, visually appealing, action filled and with just the right amount of romance and comedy to be appealing to all, MACHETE will definitely be a well spent use of your money and although we were deprived of one for so long, we can now proudly claim Machete as our very own superhero.