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Visiting the Dragon Ball North American Tour at San Diego Comic-Con

I’m a huge Dragon Ball fan, I’ve been one since I was a teenager watching Dragon Ball Z when it first aired on Cartoon Network. It’s just amazing how far the series has come since then, Dragon Ball even had a huge presence at San Diego Comic-con which included a panel at Hall H on Saturday and also being the first stop of the┬áDragon Ball North American Tour.

You didn’t need a badge to attend and was just outside of the convention center, so it was a nice change of pace away from all the craziness where you could relax, take some photos with a few different props, play some games including Dragon Ball FighterZ or take a look at various past and present releases from Bandai’s Dragon Stars line or Tamashii Nation’s Dragon Ball S.H. Figuarts.


This was only the first stop meaning it will be making a few more stops at various conventions and locations for the rest of the year which you can find details at the World Tour Website. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball it’s definitely worth checking out.

There is one thing I definitely want to give some attention to. At the event, a new game was shown off known as Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The name might sound familiar as a new mini Dragon Ball series with the same name was released recently but Dragon Ball Heroes has been around for years in Japan. It’s a card game that uses special cards you can obtain via the game machine that lets you create a power team of characters from the cards you have. The series spans the entire Dragon Ball franchise including the movies, some original characters and even stronger versions of the characters from Dragon Ball (example Super Saiyan 3 Broly, Adult Gotenks).

An English version will be playable at the each stop of the tour. If there is enough interest in the game, there are plans to release it in North America.