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Video Games: Best of 2014 and What to Look Forward to in 2015

It’s this time of year when I like to look back on all the video games I’ve played and list my favorites. I also like to gather my most anticipated games of next year. This wasn’t easy, since I found so many games to be enjoyable and engrossing.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: This was a game I initially saw at E3 and it excited me to see the new addition of the Exo Suit. Kevin Spacey also piqued my interest and did not disappoint. He was absolutely great in this game. I found the new abilities and maps to be engaging and satisfying. Not only was the single player a story I wanted to follow, but the multiplayer also kept me wanted to play, new modes, especially Momentum, had an addicting effect. This is a must play game for anyone new to shooters or this who are Call of Duty veterans, as many improvements have been made.

Titanfall: Who can resist getting inside a huge mech and causing havoc on those tiny foot soldiers, or going head to head battling other mech’s? What was different about this game was that there was also NPC’s in the game. It was a complete game played online. One of the first. It was a rewarding game, and had some pretty innovative maps.

Dragon Age Inquisition: A late comer in the year. This game has been talked about for months, and finally I was able to get early access through EA pass on Xbox Live. Bioware has said this installment had the biggest cast of characters, and it delivers. Game play was smooth and the storyline had me at hello. This is one game I can’t stop playing.

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor: After an jaw dropping opening scene, I was ready to hit Middle Earth with a vengeance. And I did exactly that. The game looks great, the Tolkien lore is in abundance and the world is expansive. If you have time, this is one game you’ve got to play.

Far Cry 4: What can I say about Far Cry 4. Its its usual quirky self. With its crazy dialogue and wicked antagonist, Far Cry 4 is a game everyone should check out. What I liked about this game was the inability of the world that can be used as a weapon against my foes. I stole snow mobiles, climbed crazy mountains, all in a world that was just as gorgeous as it was dangerous. If you have ever played the Far Cry franchise, don’t stop now. Play Far Cry 4!

The above were the games I loved to play this year, and I’m sure you did too, but now I look forward into 2015 with a hopeful mind. Here’s my most anticipated games for next year.

The Order 1886: What can I say, this game looks amazing. Its set in a period of time that I absolutely love. Victorian age, Industrial revolution, what more can you ask for. In this game you are a Knight of an elite order. I have tried to not read too much about this game, I am hoping to go in with a open mind.

Evolve: Who wouldn’t want to be the monster in a game where your friends are trying to kill you? From the creators of Left 4 Dead, a game that took up many hours of my time, has got to be a game we all cannot miss this upcoming year. Graphically this game looks amazing. Its presence at E3 was very prominent and definitely stuck with me over the months.

Dying Light: The latest from Dead Island developer Techland, fits perfectly into my love of apocalyptic video games. I spent so many hours playing Dead Island, as well as Dead Rising, I totally look forward to playing Dying Light. This game will make the dark, scary again. I can’t wait.

Halo 5: Guardians: This one speaks for itself. Halo 5. Fall 2015. Halo is Halo is Halo. I cannot wait for this game to release.

Batman Arkham Knight: June 2015. That date seems so far away for a game I cannot wait to get my hands on. Currently in development by Rocksteady, its sure to deliver. Not much is known about the foes but we do know Penguin, Harley, Two face and Scarecrow will return. Hearing that is enough for me. I loved the previous games in this series and I am sure I’ll love this one, especially on the next gen consoles.

There it is, my picks for this year and next. I am hoping for a great video game year and it looks like its shaping up to deliver. What games are you looking forward to next year?