Just in time for Christmas, a Valiant-sized issue of Quantum and Woody is available and even has a Christmas theme!


An asteroid is about to destroy the planet, but with Quantum and Woody at the front line of an international team of heroes, everything’s sure to…oh sweet mercy, we’re doomed. And that’s BEFORE Thomas Edison opens a rip in the space-time continuum and lets in the mirror-image Woody of the alterna-verse!


So I had a little insight on who Quantum and Woody are from reading The Delinquents last week. The intro page for Quantum and Woody #1 gave me a better background on these two characters. I probably wouldn’t have guess that the two were brothers but would have eventually figured it out with this issue since it highly has to do with the brotherhood bond of the two.

The issue was written by writers Tim Siedell (Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin) and James Asums (The Runaways, Dark X-Men). The story has the two heroes trying to save the world from an astroid. After an attempt at practicing their plan went horribly wrong, the team has to come up with another plan. This involves a portal to another dimension. This causes all kinds of confusion for the teams in the different dimension.


This issue was pretty hilarious. I find Quantum to be Valiants version of Deadpool. With all of the sarcastic humor, the obvious puns and just being a pest to everyone. Woody was the more straight-laced character that doesn’t really like to joke around and is all business. This works perfectly together for a duo.


Another pretty funny thing is that another dimension there is a scientist by the name of Guy Hawking which is an obvious mix of Stephen Hawking  with frosted tips chef Guy Fieri. Yeah, who would ever think of the two being put together? Tim Siedell and James Asmus of course.

Though this issue had a lot of confusion going on for the team, I found it really easy to follow. It was hilarious, outlandish and it even has a Christmas theme! Yes, I have to mention that again. The writing was hilarious, the art was awesome, it is definitely worth picking up especially since it’s Valiant-sized. There’s also two variant issues that will be available. Quantum and Woody #1 comes out Wednesday.