Urban Legend Collector's Edition Blu-ray Review

URBAN LEGEND Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review

URBAN LEGEND Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review

Urban Legend Collector's Edition Blu-ray Review

The Movie


A university is beset by a rash of gruesome murders that resemble old urban legends. When her friend Michelle (Natasha Gregson Wagner) is killed by someone hiding in her car, Natalie (Alicia Witt) begins to notice the pattern. Her suspicions grow stronger when her own roommate is strangled to death. Soon the quiet college campus is transformed into hunting grounds for a maniac, and Natalie struggles to find the killer and stop the bloodshed before she becomes the next victim.

Directed By: Jamie Blanks

Written By: Silvio Horta

Starring: Jared Leto (Paul Gardener), Alivia Witt (Natalie Simon), Rebecca Gayheart (Brenda Bates), Michael Rosenbaum (Parker Riley), Loretta Devine (Reese Wilson), Joshua Jackson (Damon Brooks), Tara Reid (Sasha Thomas), John Neville (Dean Adams), Julian Richings (Weird Janitor), Robert Englund (Professor William Wexler), Danielle Harris (Tosh Guaneri) and more. 

Genre: Horror & Mystery

Rating: R

Runtime: Approx. 99 Minutes

Blu-ray Details


  • English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1


  • Codec: MPEG-4 AVC
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Special Features

Disc One

  • New Audio Commentary with Director Jamie Blanks, Producer Michael McDonnell and Assistant Director Edgar Pablos
  • Audio Commentary with Jamie Blanks, Writer Silvio Horta, and Actor Michael Rosenbaum
  • Theatrical Trailer

Disc Two

  • New Feature-Length Documentary on The Making of Urban Legend Featuring new interviews with Jamie Blanks, Actors Rebecca Gayheart, Loretta Devine, Tara Reid, Michael Rosenbaum, Robert Englund, and more
  • New Never-Before-Seen Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Archival Making-Of Featurette

My Thoughts

I give Urban Legend a B.

A Serial Killer is striking the students of a private New England University patterned after old Urban Legends.

I really did enjoy this film. I remember watching this years ago in the late 90s (This film was released in theaters 1998).  It was cool to see all the young faced actors that were popular back in the 90s and some still going strong today.  With the passing of every scene, there was another face I recognized like Jared Leto, Michael Rosenbaum, Joshua Jackson, John Neville, and Robert Englund just to name a few.

There is quite a few things I liked about this film.  I liked the scene where Damon (Joshua Jackson) gets into the car with Natalie (Alivia Witt) and as he is starting the car, the Dawson Creek theme song starts playing.  If you’re not familiar with Joshua Jackson, you know he played Pacey Witter in the TV Series, Dawson’s Creek.  I thought that was funny that they paid a bit of an homage to the show in this film.  It was cool seeing a young Jared Leto at work.  I am wondering at the time if he ever dreamed that he would be a lead singer to a successful band (30 seconds to Mars) and a huge actor.

The only vice I had about this film is it reminded me too much of I Know What You Did Last Summer.  The Killer (I Know What You Did Last Summer) looked similar to the Killer in this film and the premise of the film was similar as well to this film.

Catch Urban Legend Collector’s Edition out on Blu-ray November 20th!