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Update: Fred Willard Describes Theater Arrest as “Much More PG”

Namtar here…

Actor/comedian Fred Willard, who was arrested last week while allegedly engaging in a lewd act at the Tiki triple-X Theater in Hollywood, will avoid a criminal trial if he completes a diversion program.

In response to his arrest, Willard tweeted on Monday, “Wait til u hear my version; much more PG & my review, lousy film, but theater would make a terrific racquetball court. Full story 2 follow.”

The 72-year-old actor was fired by PBS as the voice of “Market Warriors” after the alleged incident, but he remains host of the ABC improvisational show “Trust Us with Your Life.”

He wrote, “I was not fired from “TUWYL,” so B sure 2 watch.”

The diversion program is administered by an outside vendor and costs about $380. There are diversion programs for a variety of offenses, including drug and alcohol abuse, in addition to sex-related crimes.

Willard’s credits include “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” “This Is Spinal Tap,” and “Wall-E.”

Source: ABC News