UNITY #1 Preview

Valiant teases its upcoming event, trailer style!

One of the hottest comics publishers on the block, Valiant Entertainment, released a trailer for its highly anticipated event, Unity. Fans from the 90’s remember the name as a line wide event that gave away their first issue for free and changed the status quo of their characters in cataclysmic ways as they waged war against an unstoppable force. This new take on the story from the relaunched comics line puts X-O Manowar against the entire world in its efforts to dethrone the new king.

Here’s the official word from Valiant:

To kill a king…he has created an army. The world’s most dangerous man, Toyo Harada, has been struck by the one thing he never thought possible – fear. Halfway across the globe, a new power threatens to topple modern civilization and, to preempt the cataclysm that is to come, Harada will unite the most unforgiving team the world has ever known – UNITY. Their mission: defeat the threat responsible for the destruction of MI-6, the decimation of an alien world, and the occupation of Eastern Europe… Unseat the warrior king armed with the universe’s most powerful weapon… Kill X-O Manowar!”

In another first for the publisher, Valiant also recently unveiled the UNITY #1 8-Bit Evolution Variant – the first fully animated 8-bit cover, engineered by CineFix, the ultimate destination for true movie buffs & filmmakers on YouTube. Simply use any smartphone to read the QR code embedded in the cover to unlock an exclusive CineFix “8-Bit Cinema” animated short starring the team of heroes behind the year’s biggest comic book event – X-O Manowar, Toyo Harada, Eternal Warrior, Ninjak and Livewire!

Unity, written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Doug Braithwaite will land in stores November 13th, but here’s a look at the first issue below