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UNFRIENDED Blu-ray Combo Pack Review

Unfriended 2D Box Art SmallUniversal’s “cybernatural” film Unfriended, is headed for blu-ray on Aug. 11, and here’s our review…


When I do blu-ray or dvd reviews, usually I review and rate it has a whole, meaning the movie itself, bonus features and any cool packaging or bonus gifts that you receive with the purchase of the movie. Well this time around, I’m forced to review just the movie basically because the Unfriended blu-ray combo pack has no bonus features.

Here’s a quick rundown of the film’s storyline: A group of friends enter a chat room and realize that they aren’t alone. A stranger has entered the chat room with them and no one can figure out who the stranger is. It turns out that the stranger is not a stranger at all and is a ghost from their past, seeking payback for an embarrassing video that went viral.

Now the story is very up to date with the fact that everyone uses technology/social media these days and a lot of the time, it’s used for the wrong reasons. As far as the chat room goes, those are not used quite as much as they were used about ten years ago, so in that way, it seems a bit outdated.

I felt that the film lacked the scare factor considering it is in the horror genre. The scariest part of the film seemed like it was just the thought that someone could easily bully and manipulate people via social media and not so much with the death and gore in the film. If that was writer Levan Gabriadze’s intent, then he succeed in that aspect.


The blu-ray combo pack comes with the blu-ray, dvd, digital HD code and a cardboard cover slip to protect the plastic blu-ray cover.


As far as the film goes, I didn’t think it was as scary as I thought it would be. I think if it came out maybe six to ten years ago, it would have been much scarier since chat rooms were used a lot more back then. I did like the thought that maybe this film could have people thinking twice of how they use their social media and what they post. When it comes to purchasing this blu-ray combo pack, there isn’t much content to make someone want to spend some hard earned cash on it. And I’m the kind of person that loves bonus features and getting more for your buck. I think the film would suit a person better if they were to watch it on digital HD and watched it on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone because of the way the film was shot.

I give the Unfriended blu-ray combo pack 3 fridges out of 10.