Uncharted Movie Rumors Were Nothing More Than a Fan Film Starring Nathan Fillion

A couple weeks ago it was reported that actor Nathan Fillion began teasing with images via his Instagram with an Uncharted related announcement set for today. Now, we know what those teases were meant for and it’s most likely what you weren’t expecting.

Fillion stars as Nathan Drake in a new live-action fan film that was recently uploaded to YouTube. The short, which is about fifteen minutes in length, is directed by Allan Ungar and stars Drake, Sully, and Elena. The film has absolutely nothing to do with Sony or Naughty Dog.

It was rumored that these teases by Fillion had to do with his involvement in the Uncharted film that is in pre-production and who knows when it will see the light of day.

You can view the full short below if you’re interested. I was impressed with how Fillion portrayed Nathan Drake in this short and gives me hope for an actual Uncharted movie.