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Unboxing the Xbox One

Watch Xbox’s Major Nelson open up a Day One edition of Microsofts upcoming next-gen console

Over at MajorNelson.com, Larry Hryb takes everyone through a step-by-step unboxing of the new Xbox One. A few things that immediately caught our attention were the power supply and the HDMI cable included. First, for having such a large sized console, using a separate power supply seems a bit weird. At least it looks smaller than the unit that comes with the 360. Second, kudos to Microsoft for including the most crystal clear picture quality way to connect the system to your television. However what some will notice is the lack of a way –on the system– to connect the to older televisions (no component or RCA connections). Hopefully for the small amount of people still out there using tube televisions Microsoft will have something for you.  Watch the video below and we’ll bring you more on the Xbox One as we get closer to launch: