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Two More Villains Added to the FLASH Series



CW is pulling out all of the stops when it comes to the upcoming “Flash” series. There have been so many comic characters already added into this first season (which premieres Oct. 7th). Now there are two more villains being added and one is coming from “Arrow.” (Warning: These can be considered as spoilers).

One of the villains being added to the series will be Tony Woodward aka Girder. This is what Girder looked like in the comics:



In the comics, Girder (created by Geoff Johns) was a villain made up of living iron. He developed his powers during an accident in a metal plant and was exposed by some S.T.A.R. Labs tech. and was a member of the Rogues.

Girder will appear in episode six of the first season.

Now the villain coming from Starling City to Central City, will be…

Time of Death
Clock King


According to TVLine, the Clock King will be joining the “Flash” series and once again will be played by Robert Knepper. The Clock King will appear in episode seven. The Clock King appeared in season 2 of “Arrow.”

TVLine goes on to say that the Clock King will be teaming up with another villain but doesn’t say who that villain will be.

Do you like where the “Flash” series is going so far?

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