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Two New Clips from BORDERING ON BAD BEHAVIOR Starring Tom Sizemore

Bordering on Bad Behavior is a new dark comedy starring Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) which is about three rival soldiers trapped in a military base who must keep from killing each other. The film comes to DVD May 19, here are some clips from the film.


Bordering on Bad Behavior synopsis:

In this politically incorrect, dark comedy, a Lebanese soldier (Bernard Curry, The Junction Boys, The Dish, Home and Away) stumbles upon a top-secret, Israeli base where he encounters an Israeli soldier (Oz Zehavi, Infiltration) and an American CIA agent (Tom Sizemore, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, Heat, Natural Born Killers). A scuffle ensues and, in the melee, the center’s emergency lockdown mechanism is triggered. Realizing they are trapped for six hours, the sworn enemies must figure out how to not kill each other.

Now, these three unlikely candidates are forced to evaluate their lives, their alliances and ultimately each other. As the clock ticks, they are left with two options: impending doom or a second chance at life.

Truths are told, noses are broken, ribs are cracked and guns are drawn. With time running out, will the trio settle on a peace plan and, if they do, will they ever be the same again?

A quirky, sometimes philosophical exposé on the tragedies of war …

Stay tuned for our review of the DVD!