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TWILIGHT Wins Big At The Golden Raspberry Awards


Caliburn24 here with the worst of 2012 as per the Golden Raspberry Awards.

Before we get to watching the Academy Awards, the worst films of last year have taken their awards. One film took seven of the ten categories of this esteemed body, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II, is The Host destined to follow it’s lead? As the Twilight series wraps up, Raspberry voters gave it the raspberry for Worst Picture, Worst Director, Bill Condon, and Kristen Stewart had the honor of Worst Actress for this film and Snow White and the Huntsman. Her low key performance works in the Snow White film. Twilight also picked up Worst Supporting Actor, Taylor Lautner, and he also won Worst Screen Ensemble with someone named Mackenzie Foy. The rest of Twilight’s seven wins include Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel and Worst Screen Ensemble.

The only superhero movie nominated was Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance for Nicholas Cage as Worst Actor. Atlas Shrugged: Part II (was that a movie?) was nominated for Worst Director and Worst Screenplay, but not Worst Sequel. Surprisingly, Wrath of the Titans didn’t get nominated for Worst Sequel, and only got nominated for Liam Neeson’s performance there and in Battleship. Rihanna earned a Worst Supporting Actress win for Battleship. Her acting wasn’t sub-par, it worked for that film. There really needs to be a category for Worst Use of CG in a Film. Adam Sandler won Worst Actor for his second time in a row for That’s My Boy, which collects another Razzie after winning all of the awards last year for Jack & Jill. Really, these awards should just be called the Sandlers or the Sandies.