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Twentieth Century Fox Partners with Tongal to Turn the 40th Anniversary of ALIEN over to the Fans!

Xenomorph fans, get ready for an awesome experience to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alien. Online creator network Tongal, is partnering with Twentieth Century FOX for the “by the fans, for the fans” campaign which allows YOU (The fans) to pitch an idea to create your own short film set in the Alien universe. Here is your chance to add your own unique handprint to the Alien universe. The only requirement is that your idea should be set after the events in the original Alien film. The process will start with you heading over to Tongal.com/Alien and submitting your idea. The deadline to make a submission is July 5th. Once the cutoff date has arrived, eighteen filmmakers will be selected from the pool of pitched ideas to further develop their pitch with a visual treatment, pitch video, and scripts. From there, six filmmakers will be selected by Twentieth Century FOX to bring their short to life! Remember, you have till July 5th to pitch your idea so… GET TO WORK!

The “by the fans, for the fans” campaign, asks filmmakers to create wholly original stories that draw on the elements that makes Alien uniquely Alien—from slow atmospheric buildups to badass female protagonists to “space truckers.” As part of the campaign, six fans will have the opportunity to work under FOX mentorship to craft their shorts.

Fans can learn more about the campaign by visiting Tongal.com/Alien