TV Review: LEGEND OF KORRA Premiere

OB-ZB795_korra2_E_20130927152414TV Review: Legend of Korra Premiere By Trevor Roberts Jr

The Legend of Korra series returned with a second season, which is entitled “Spirits”.  The premiere was an hour-long special composed of both episodes 1 and 2, respectively titled, “Rebel Spirits” and “Southern Lights”.

The series’ season titles usually reflect the aspects of training that the Avatar needs to master (example: Water, Earth, Fire for Aang).  This season’s title suggests that though Korra is already on her way to mastering the physical\combat aspects of the four elements, she has yet to develop her sensitivities to the Spirit World.  This is evident in the unsuccessful outcomes of her first battles with Dark Spirits.

There are many changes for the other main characters this season as well:  Mako is part of the police force, Bolin is the new Captain of the Fire Ferrets Pro-bending Championship Team, and Tenzin is now dealing with life at home now that the Council has been disbanded in favor of a democratically-elected President of the United Republic of Nations.

All is not well, though, as the Dark Spirits are a new menace threatening the Southern Water Tribe areas.  There is also trouble in Korra’s personal life as she is frustrated with both Mako and Tenzin.  She is also caught in the middle of a family feud between her father Tonraq and her Uncle Unalaq, who is Chief over all the Water Tribe people.

Unalaq seems to be the only one who can combat the Dark Spirits, and it will be interesting to see if he may have anything to do with their current rampage.  It certainly plays into his desire to see all the Water Tribes people return to traditional ways of living.

The writing team is well-done with perhaps the only weakness being the inclusion of Asami Sato in the premiere.  Her inclusion in the storyline just to negotiate a contract with Southern Water Tribe Businessman Varrick seemed forced as she disappeared for the rest of the episode.  Time will tell whether she eventually plays a bigger role in the upcoming conflicts.