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TRUE BLOOD Ends in 2014

‘TRUE BLOOD Ends in 2014‘ by guest contributor Russ Troutt.


Here’s some news to sink your fangs into. If you haven’t already heard, next years season seven of True Blood will be the last. This may make some shed tears of blood, but I for one am happy they’re finally nailing the coffin shut on True Blood. I felt the first few seasons were pretty solid, but a lot of changes took place behind the scenes over the last couple few years that seemed to hurt the series creatively in my opinion. In addition to the vampires I enjoyed the werewolves and shape shifting, but it seemed to drift its focus away from the vampires and become more about witches and fairies the last couple of years; which I personally wasn’t a fan of. Here’s to hoping they do the series justice and end it on a good note.

┬áHere’s a nice compilation video looking back over the seasons and most of its characters.