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TRISH OUT OF WATER #1 Advance Review

Aspen Comic’s latest 10-for-10 book makes a splash.


2013 has been a year of so many well deserved triumphs for Aspen Comics. Their ten year anniversary initiative has given comic book fans new worlds to immerse themselves in while rekindling our love affair with some old ones. This month Aspen tackles the unfamiliar world of the indirect spinoff with their latest 10-for-10 book Trish Out of Water.

Trish out of Water is a story about growing up different in a world that wants you to conform to it and finding out what it means to be weird amongst a weird generation. Trish Powell is your average high school girl dealing with teenage angst problems, a lousy boyfriend, overprotective parents, and mediocre grades in school. Of course this doesn’t last forever as she over the course of this first chapter starts to develop water powers, which should look very familiar to Aspen fans. By the end of the issue the story lands in place that puts her in conflict whith who she really could be and the dangers that come along with it.


Writer Vincent Hernandez really knocks the voice of the characters and thematics of the book out of the park. Trish reads like the all american girl who we feel for when her life is put on a downward spiral. It nails what good character should be; get to the point while putting us on her side. If I have to nit pick at one thing; the book could have lightened up on oi the parody. Making fun of Social media, internet, and reality tv has been done so much that the risk a story can get diluted if the parody is overused. Here it dips its toe in that pool, but pulls back in time before it becomes truly over bearing. We’re also missing hints of why Trish suddenly develops the powers. While we don’t need a direct tell, readers could have been shown a birthday or more of the effects of the stress from her normal life in order to make us guess why her powers manifest.

We can’t talk about any Aspen book without measuring it against the incredibly high art standards aspen comics fans have. After all, Aspen is the house that Michael Turner built. If you’re going to remotely spin off one of his babies it better look good. I can happily say that Trish out of Water is solid in the art department. It makes good use of heavy sensual line work in combination with a cool vivd color pallete that makes the pages pop. It’s not a complete departure from the universe it plays in but it manages to have a feel all it’s own. The art of Giuseppe Cafaro is a win for this book.


Kurt Cobain once said what he hated most about his generation was its apathy. Trish Out of Water is in a curveball way Aspen’s Nirvana statement; it’s a note on this generations over connect with technology and our disconnect with each other. While the book falls a bit short of perfection; it has the makings of a story not to be missed.

7.5 out of 10! Superb! Trish out of Water whirls lots of themes and spits out the beginnings of a Tsunami