TRILLIUM #1 Review

Quite possibly the best age-difference love story ever

Trillium 001-000

Anyone who still has doubts about how much life the Vertigo imprint still has in it obviously refuses to pick up Trillium #1. In one issue, creator Jeff Lemire gave us inklings of how good James Cameron’s Avatar film could have been and how great an unconventional a love story can be.

Trillium’s debut is a split story of two different characters, in different time periods, whose stories can be read in either order with the audience getting the exact same impact. One character is a scientist in space, with deep rooted family issues, named Nika. The distant future sees humanity on the brink of extinction and Nika must find the cure. The other part of this story is a deeply troubled soldier in the 1920s’ named William; who is looking for the temple of The Incas. How can these two possibly come face to face? Read it and find out, but we will tell you the story here feels very organic and right away we’re already given tons of reasons to root for both of these characters.

Trillium 001-014

Lemire also handles art duties on the book. When you combine that with the multiple other books he writes for DC it’s easy to think instant cloning technology exists and Lemire has it. He puts as much care into his ink washed art style as he does the words that come out of the characters mouths.

Trillium 001-008

If there’s any problem with the book; it’s that there’s so much going on it can feel a bit congested in some of Nika’s story. The opening shot can feel like a bit too much of a tease with its cliffhanger, but that hardly diminishes the enjoyment you’ll get out of the book.

While the book definitely won’t appeal to the tights and capes crowd, it has a rich story for anyone who enjoys reading outside the norm. Lemire is a writer known for his quirks and this palindrome style book is one of the most unique things you’ll read this year.

9 out of 10 Phenomenal! Vertigo may have found a new MVP