Transparent N64 Controller Redesign nearly DOUBLES Kickstarter Goal

Written by Andres Chavez

Retro Fighter’s modernized N64 controller will soon come in “2000 chic” transparent.

Last year, the Chatsworth manufacturer took it upon themselves to redesign the N64 controller. They abandoned the three-pronged body for something less awkward – one could call it “inspired” by the Switch Pro Controller – while rearranging the locations of the analog stick and D-pad. They also threw in dual Z-triggers… because they could.

The internet went crazy, funding the $13,000 Kickstarter for an insane $166,347.

This second Kickstarter, which plans to introduce five new colors, has already raised $55,426 against a $30k goal. And that’s within 9 days.

The colors – blue, red, orange, green, and purple – are based off the N64 “funtastic” colors from 2000. Backers can opt for multiple units at a discounted rate. You can pledge towards the Kickstarter here.