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“Transformers 4” May Film on Location in China

At the beginning of “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen,” Autobots were pursuing rogue Decepticons disguised as ordinary machines and vehicles in China.  The location was filmed elsewhere, but now Paramount Pictures and director Michael Bay want to actually shoot “Transformers 4” in ‘The Middle Kingdom.’ They are presently in negotiations to take Hollywood to the Far East.

The reason is simple. China has a growing box office market that foreign studios are desperate to tap, but strict regulations and limits on the number of foreign films exhibited there have forced studios to take more deliberate measures.  Paramount Pictures is planning on cutting through the red tape by partnering with a local Chinese production company, which would meet the Chinese government’s approval and allow easier access to theater audiences there.  This is definitely a situation where money does talk.

There is no word of when “Transformers 4″ will go into production, but it is scheduled to open in theaters on June 27th, 2014.  The film currently stars Mark Wahlberg. Ehren Kruger wrote the screenplay, while Michael Bay directs.

Source: Vulture