Transformers 35th Anniversary Box Review #morethanmeetstheeye

Disclaimer: This was a free product given to us by Hasbro in celebration of their 35th anniversary.

Throughout the past few decades only a small handful of franchises have gone strong with multiple games, films, toys, and shows. The quick disinterest in consumers often leads franchises to shut down and move on to the next big trend. Although this may be the case with toys, one franchise alone stands on top of the mountain when it comes to all forms of media and that is Transformers.

Back in the 80s Transformers really found their footing and have done so in such a smart way that even after 35 years, the series is doing stronger than it ever has.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Transformers, Hasbro was nice enough to send us a 35th anniversary box showing off many of their line of toys and I must say they did not disappoint.

If you have not checked out our latest video unboxing the collection then we will offer a breakdown of some of the neat products that we were given.

Transformers Studio Series 38

Based on the theatrical version of the Transformers series, this Optimus is much more detailed than the rest of the figures in this collection. Despite some criticism I very much enjoy the more detailed version of it as it includes a more big screen feel to the figure overall. This particular figure comes with a backdrop of San Francisco.

Transformers: Siege War For Cybertron Soundwave, Laserbeak, and Ravage

I’ve mentioned a few times that the War For Cybertron collection is my favorite line of Transformers. My roommate and I actively try and collect every release and have been waiting for a long time for Soundwave to become available.  The figures are well made and are exactly what I’d hope for out of the Cybertron line.

High quality figures, very satisfying designs. There is not much else to be said about these toys.

Transformers Botbots Series 2

I’m going to be honest with you guys, I was sort of blindsided by this series. I have never heard of this line of figurines nor have I ever imagined it would BE as popular as it is. The gacha style randomness of blind boxes have been a thing far before this so I was surprised that there was one for the franchise.

Upon opening one of them I saw where a lot of the hype was coming from. Some characters are incredibly rare to find while some are extremely common. The best part about the Botbot line is that every single one of the miniature figures are transformable making every single of them unique compared to other random toy collections.

Transformers Cyberverse Optimus Prime

The Cyberverse line is from the most recent cartoon iteration of the franchise with a much more simplistic cartoon look and the Optimus Prime figure reflects that. One of the cooler features of this figure is its Matrix Megashot in which Optimus shoots a beam of light out of his chest.

Although the photo on the box makes it looks absolutely incredible, the toy the beam is more like a rotating attachment that can be spun by playing with a mechanism on the back of it.

Transformers Bumblebee Series Bumblebee

Regarded as the heart and soul of the Autobots Bumblebee has been a fan favorite for years leading to his first spinoff film featuring John Cena. This Bumblebee is based off of the film similar to the Studio Series Optimus but lacks the true detail of the former. The figure comes with an attachment called the Energon Igniter that allows the figure to move while transformed into a car by pressing down on a lever attached to the engine.

Transformers Cyberverse Grimlock

The final toy in the collection is the fierce and intimidating leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock.

Grimlock looks very similar in style to the Cyberverse Optimus Prime (and even the Bumblebee) having a very minimalist and bulkier stature. What this version of Grimlock lacks in size it makes up for in firepower. This figure in particular boasts a special feature for Grimlock with the greatest name for a move and that would be its Rocket Roar.

When transformed into his dino mode, Grimlock can shoot out a flame from multiple areas on his body. Now to the untrained eye, the fire coming out of his mouth may be a piece of plastic that looks similar to a cheetoh and you may be right but it’s the imagination that counts right?

This box definitely captured how far Transformers has come over the past 35 years with a sample platter of some of its best toy lines. The series has been around for so long that multiple styles of merchandise are available offering fans several ways to enjoy one of the longest running franchises.

Thank you again to Hasbro for the products you can find more toys on their official site.