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Trailer and Images for THE NINJA: IMMOVABLE HEART featuring Danny Glover

The Ninja

An “authentic” ninjutsu film cloaked in the cape of a superhero blockbuster, “The Ninja: Immovable Heart” brings together veteran action movie star Danny Glover (“Lethal Weapon,” “Predator 2”) and rising martial-arts star Rob Baard for a high-flying action-adventure that’s part Dark Knight, part Bourne Identity. Check out the trailer and images!

The Ninja1

The Ninja2

Here’s the storyline. 

Reeve (Rob Baard) is a member of an elite covert group thought not to exist anymore, he is captured, beaten and brutally tortured, by the very Governments he used to work for. With the help of his old mentor John Carpenter (Roger Neave,) Reeve must strip away, and rid himself of the emerging demons of his past, so that he may understand the core essence of Ninjutsu, the Ninja’s Immovable Heart, in order to remember how and why he was captured, and what he is meant to do, before time runs out and his captors discover why he is really here.

“The Ninja : Immovable Heart” is part of a larger franchise that will soon include comics, a clothing line, and a TV series spin-off.

“The Ninja : Immovable Heart” will be released on DVD and Digital March 3rd from Uncork’d Entertainment. The film stars Rob Baard, Roger Neave, Danny Glover, John Balazs, Blaze Broadway, Cassandra Gava, Aliante Youngdino, Jacob Fyfe, Vivian Langham, Jennifer Rose, Christopher Bunworth, Melinda Di Natale, Chris Trait, Andrew Ward and John Kovacs. Rob Baard created the film, while John Balazs and Rob Baard direct.

Source: Uncork’d Entertainment