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Billed as a mash-up of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Evil Dead, The Lake On Clinton Road is based on true events, which follows a group of school friends who discover their holiday house is haunted. The first trailer has been released for the upcoming horror feature. Check it out!

Here is the synopsis for the film.

When six friends from Massachusetts finish up classes for the semester, they decide to take a road trip to the Jersey Shore. A birthday celebration at a shore house will be the highlight of their summer, or so they think. When they get to the house, they realize it’s not the beach house they were expecting. It’s actually in the middle of the woods off a long spooky road, Clinton Road. Clinton Road has been haunted for the past 50 years, this is what Alex, Jillian, Amber, Jamie, Stacy and Mark will soon find out. The sadness of not having a beach near soon disappears as they all rush outside to see ​the ​lake​ . They prepare to have drunken festivities at the lake but that’s when the horror begins. One by one they all disappear. Who will be the last? Who will be the first? Will anyone survive?


The Lake On Clinton Road will premiere on VOD and DVD on July 17th from Osiris Entertainment. The film stars Alan Bendich (TV’s Cagney & Lacey,) India Autry (TV’s My New Roommate,) Aram Bauman (The Lost Children,) Tina Krause (Zombie Holocaust,) Leah Jones (Urban Legends,) Anthony Grant, DeShon Hardy, Brianna Jamison, Collin Jamison, Stephanie Marrone, Matty Poslusny and Richard Ryker. The film is written and directed by DeShon Hardy.

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