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I am a huge fan of Asian cinema. Without the contributions from Japan, Thailand, South Korea and China, films such as “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Departed,” “Mirrors,” “One Missed Call,” “Pulse,” “The Ring,” “The Eye,” “The Lake House,” “Oldboy,” “Bangkok Dangerous,” “A Fistful of Dollars” and yes, even “Godzilla” would not have been remade into movies, which some have left a permanent mark in Hollywood history. 


Looking at the growing South Korean market, the past few years has seen this country release some terrific features like “The Good, The Bad, the Weird,” “Taegukgi,” “The Host” and “Oldboy” to name just a few. Now, “Traffickers” is the newest film to join their ranks. An award winning, action-packed crime thriller. It is based on the black market trafficking of human body organs, which has been a source of contention, on the Asian continent, especially in China. The film is misleading at first, which makes it seem a bit difficult to piece together much like Bryan Singer’s “The Usual Suspects,” but everything falls into place and makes sense by the second half of the feature. 

The circumstances are intriguing because first time feature film director Kim Hong-sun leads the audience on a missing person search aboard a cruise ship, which packs a rollercoaster ride of suspense and emotion with multiple surprises. The question which becomes apparent is, “How are all the characters tied to one other?” All is revealed in a grand surprise twist, which I refuse to spoil for you. The content is violent, bloody and graphic. The cast does a splendid job of portraying characters that live on society’s fringe and are driven by greed, desperation and revenge. This film may be too gruesome for some, but I recommend it highly. It is so rich in content, it is well-worth viewing more than once. 


Here is the synopsis for the film. 

Yeong-Gyoo (actor Chang Jung Lim) was the best. He was an organ dealer, smuggling body parts for sale to the highest bidder. His crew was the best – an organized team of professionals with top skills and no conscience. But when one of them dies on the job, the crew scatters. Now, Yeong-Gyoo fronts stolen goods, and has fallen in love with Yoo-Ri (actress Yun-hie Jo,) a ticket agent at the port terminal. Her father is dying from a heart ailment, and when she turns to a ruthless loan shark for help, Yeong-Gyoo goes on a search to find his old partners for one last job which targets a disabled woman. 


“Traffickers” will debut on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on December 23rd. The film stars Chang Jung Lim, Yun-hie Jo, Daniel Choi, Dal-su Oh, Dal-hwan Jo, Ji-yoon Jeong, Young-hoon Lee, Seung-hwan Shin, Il-hwa Choi, Jae-hwa Kim, Moon-su Lee, Joon-seok Heo, Yoon Sang Ho, Sung-Taek Park, Il-mok Park, Hye-jeong Sin, Hyeon-mi Kim, Kim Gyu-Sun, Jeong-eun Kwon, Jeong-hwan Kong, Ye-seul Lee, Sang Jin Oh, Mi-ran Ra and Jong-hak Son. Kim Hong-sun and Sang-myung Kim wrote the screenplay, while Kim Hong-sun directs.