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It’s really simple when most of the people who made it on this list appeared in the Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope documentary. If you have attended Comic Con give yourself a point. Oh sure, there are well known kings in the sci fi universe, but this has to cover multiple genres; comic books, sci fi and/or fantasy.

10 Sara Jean Underwood

There are of course many gals who have won the hearts of many a geek guy, but the host of G4’s Attack of the Show takes the cake. Underwood also has the distinction of working at Hooters and being 2007’s Playmate of the Year. In her modeling, she has always had an innocence, but also a fun loving look at herself as the superheroine Bustice and all manner of cosplay. She is a big time gamer girl and appears at many cons. Attack of the Show covers cons, video games, so give yourself a point for watching the show. The only downside would be actually to be in a comic book or to write one.

9 Felicia Day

The Queen of the Geeks title belongs to Felicia Day. Similar to the king, she has mastered all of the quadrants; comic book writer (for the Dark Horse Guild comics), actor, con panelist, and master of the web with Geek and Sundry. Day has appeared in many Joss Whedon projects including singing in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. You can add a point if you are a hard core gamer (one hour a day minimum). She is a queen of the cons, absolutely in her element, and drawing in big crowds. The Guild would seal her geek cred alone with her gamer Cyd Sherman trying to survive the real world through MMORPG intervention. Day transformed her gamer interest in the Dragon Age: Redemption series, a feat in itself. She has covered all of the geek loves with the programming on Geek and Sundry.

8 Christopher Nolan

Nolan has created some incredibly powerful thrillers like Memento, but he won geek cred by erasing all of the previous Bat films and placing his Bat trilogy as the only serious depection of the character. It not only caught the interest of comic book readers, but took hold of a billion dollars worth of the box office. Batman Begins firmly put the comic book film in the Hollywood canon. It wasn’t a fluke hit that excited just the fanboys, but made comic book films a mainstay for audiences that liked action films and special effects. It really is an accomplishment that there was so much fan reaction against the Batmobile and Nolan turned it around to pure fan love. Yup, he is not going to direct the Justice League movie, but he is producing the Man of Steel film. DC will always have geek cred with Nolan on its side. If the comics connection isn’t strong enough there, his amazing film, The Prestige, is based on a novel by Christopher Priest, a comics writer. David Bowie plays Nikolai Tesla, a point if you know his most famous patent, hint: you are using it right now.

7 Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is the most reliable speaker and shows up on many documentaries and cons about all things geeky. He has moved from reporter to comics writer to novelist to writer on Doctor Who. Gaiman followed Alan Moore on Miracleman, wrote the Black Orchid limited series, before he created the series that brought him eternal fame in the halls of geekdom. Sandman is not only a goth icon, but the character that brought the World Fantasy Award to Gaiman. He has appeared on the Simpsons and as himself in Season 5 of The Guild. Gaiman has a number of his stories turned into films from Stardust, Coraline, and Mirrormask. He has also written the screenplay for Beowulf and adapted the script for Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke. Gaiman entered the world of television with the Neverwhere series which he later turned into a novel and made into a comic book by Mike Carey and Glenn Fabry (if you watched the series, read the novel, and the comic, give yourself a well earned point). He of course worked with Terry Prachett on Good Omens, wrote Stardust (turned into a film and a comic book with Charles Vess), American Gods, and many other books that made the bestseller list.

6 Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro is the best person to meet at a convention. This alone would put him at the top of the geek hero pack. Still, he has a consummate passion for comic books and all things geeky. His film work of course reflects this in Blade 2 and the Hellboy films. Also, note that helped in the production of the Hellboy animated films. Horror is a first love for del Toro and he created some powerful work in Chronos, Devil’s Backbone, and Pan’s Labyrinth. A point if you’ve seen all three movies. del Toro is smashing the robot sci-fi with the giant monster movie flicks in Pacific Rim. He has won even more geek cred for the DC supernatural movie, now called Dark Universe, which brings Constantine, Zatanna (yay!), the Demon (finally!), and Swamp Thing. If he could launch his long planned At the Mountains of Madness film based on the H.P. Lovecraft story, life would be complete. A point for anyone who has read Lovecraft, but be warned once you start reading Lovecraft, you can’t un-read it.

5 Alan Moore

Alan Moore has made an impact on modern comic books that is still felt today. His sensibilities opened super hero locked comic books into different areas. Moore’s run on Swamp Thing must be collected by any true geek. He took Wein and Wrightson’s brilliant horror character and touched upon the super hero world, but then broke all barriers into the world of the Green, now being explored in the New52. If this wasn’t enough, he blew away the very form of the comic book with Watchmen. Moore also explored society, politics, and morality in the V for Vendetta limited series. Comic books were now adult forms of almost literature. Still, Moore had a nostalgic touch with a farewell to the Silver Age with the “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” If that wasn’t enough, he also shook up the Bat Universe with the Killing Joke graphic novel. He is also a novelist with the Voice of the Fire book. Currently, Moore is producing the Fashion Beast limited series for Avatar Press. If you have all of these works, give yourself a point.

4 Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a fan favorite speaker at cons, director, and comics writer. He has written the beginning issues of Daredevil in 1998 and a good run of issues on Green Arrow. Smith of course made an impact on geekdom with Clerks that featured a cameo by the next person on this list. All of which is all good, but when is he going to get around to directing a comic book film? He is also a book writer with his Tough Sh*t book. Smith has strong greek cred appearing on the Comic Book Men show that features his Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash comic book store.

3 Stan Lee

Stan the Man is known to geeks and guys and gals on the street everywhere. Think of comic books and eventually he will appear. Credit has to be given to Lee for pushing comic books until they popped into the mainstream; providing introductions to cartoons, and being interviewed by news channels. Until of course he has the honorary cameo in nearly all of the Marvel films. I’m not certain if he was in the Man Thing film. Perfect geek cred is showing up on the Simpsons and also Big Bang Theory. Achievement unlocked for Stan Lee. He also tireless in appearing at conventions everywhere. Of course the characters he created are found in most cons, so if you cosplayed as one of them, give yourself a points.

2 JJ Abrams

There are of course, two great franchises that are central to geeks; Star Trek and Star Wars. No one, not George Lucas or Gene Roddenberry, has managed to cross them. Then, JJ Abrams goes on to direct Star Wars VII. If you’ve seen all of the Star Wars films and hate Jar Jar Binks, you get a point. Abrams is a supreme writer, creating Lost, and Fringe, which has bumped up Brian K. Vaughn, and the later of which produced a comic written by Zack Whedon. Abrams was one of the writers on the Fringe comic book and the Super 8 story that ran through comic books. Super 8 seems to be he most personal story that combines a secret alien story. He has kicked off the tv sci fi verse with Lost, Fringe, and also Revolution. He has of course re-launched the Star Trek franchise with 2009’s Star Trek and also watch out for this year’s Star Trek: Out of Darkness. Next, he takes the Marvel/Disney Star Wars sequel, Episode VII: The Further Adventures of Jar Jar.

1 Joss Whedon

The director of the Avengers sealed the King of the Geeks title for immortality. He has corned all of the quadrants; comic book writer, director, and web blogger. Whedon earned geek status by creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer and bringing it and Sarah Michelle Gellar to the hearts of comic book geeks everywhere. Surprisingly, it also opened the audiences to women and ordinary people so comic book stores were not only filled with dudes. If that wasn’t enough, he created Firefly, the top of every geek list everywhere as best tv show, even getting cred as an underdog show that happened to feature beautiful women, yup looking at Morena Baccarin there, spaceships, and some of the best writing on television.

Then, he goes trumps the Star Trek franchise by seven years bringing Serenity from tv to the movie screen. If that isn’t enough, he goes from writing Buffy comic books and goes to writing a great fan favorite run on Astonishing X-Men. Whedon almost takes the crown with the webseries, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which made supervillains cool. To cement his status, Whedon goes on to direct the film that tied all of the Marvel movie franchise, juggling the talent from all of them, and one of the most sensational box office hits of any comic book movie. Marvel has locked him into a S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series, but of course there is only one part of the geek slate left for Mr. Whedon, the animated series. One can hope. One point for having in your collection all of the Whedon works.

Okay, let’s total those points: Super Geek – (8-10 points – congrats!, going out and being a comics writer or artist, directing a film, or becoming an author will elevate you to Noble Geek status), Die Hard Geek (not in the Bruce Willis way) – (5-7 points), Wanna-Be Geek – (3-5 points) [you are almost at Geek status!], Geek Hater – (0-2 points) [worry!, the geeks are taking over the world]. Honorary Geek Goddess: Olivia Munn, we know you’re in the serious actress phase, but we miss ya, come on back to the geek fold, Olivia.

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