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TOP GUN 2 Story Being Developed


For years, we have heard that the hit 80’s film Top Gun, was headed for a sequel. For years, that’s exactly how it has stayed. While promoting his book “Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightnting Strikes, Four Decades of Filmmaking,” the producer let out some info on Top Gun 2.

“We’ve been trying to get that movie made for 30 years, and I think we’re getting closer and closer.”

Don [Simpson] and I tried to develop something, we didn’t succeed. [Tom] Cruise took over, and he tried to develop something, and he didn’t succeed. Now we’re back at it.”

“The concept is, basically, are the pilots obsolete because of drones. Cruise is going to show them that they’re not obsolete. They’re here to stay.”

This story makes a lot of sense. With the way technology has been used in the military & how it has gotten so advanced since the first Top Gun film in 1986. The story would be believable.

He goes on to talk a little about the involvment of Tom Cruise aka Maverick.

“It’s just getting to the starting place. Fortunately for Tom, he’s very busy, so you have to find a slot he can fit into and get a budget that Paramount feels they can make the picture.”

After original director Tony Scott commited suicide in 2012, this also stalled the film already more than it was.


“I feel the need…the need for speed!”

Source: Huffington Post