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Tom Hardy Confirmed To Play Elton John

From a terrorist to a pianist?

Tom Hardy which has been known to play the macho guy in most of his movies, is now confirmed to play Elton John in the biopic Rocketman, according to Variety. The film is being directed by Michael Gracey & the production is scheduled to start next fall. The screenplay is by Lee Hall (War Horse). The CEO of Focus Features had this to say about Hardy:

We are confident that Tom will embody the physicality and spirit of Sir Elton. This, in conjunction with the creative team led by [Rocket Pictures], will provide the foundation for something that will be a unique cinematic event.”

Tom Hardy has played strong brute characters such as Bane (Dark Knight Rises), Forrest Bondurant (Lawless) & will play Max Rockatansky in the upcoming Mad Max movie. So from that to award-winning, flamboyant, charismatic musician, is quite a stretch from his other roles. It should be interesting to see how Hardy will do as Elton John.