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Toaplan Shooters Collector’s Edition Brings Shoot ‘Em Up Action to Sega Genesis

If you’re looking for more games to add to your Sega Genesis/Mega Drive collection, look no further than Retro-Bit’s collector’s editions of four groundbreaking Toaplan Shooters: Truxion, Hellfire, Fire Shark, and Zero Wing. You can buy each game individually, but if you buy all four of them, you’ll receive the game cartridges in a commemorative slipcover with a Zero Wing Pin and a thank you card from developer Masahiro Yuge. If you thought that was enough, wait until you see what’s in every game package.

Truxton – Collector’s Edition

In an epic battle against the Gidan invasion, you will take the fight to their 8 asteroid bases across 5 massive stages and destroying massive leaders like the mighty Dogurava.

Hellfire – Collector’s Edition

Like fire….Hellfire. Aboard the Sylphide, you will blast your way through 6 stages using unique weapons in 4 different modes. The likes of these being plasma shots, missiles, and lasers.

Fire Shark – Collector’s Edition

Fire Shark may sound like a SyFy Channel movie, but it’s actually much better than that. In this game, you’ll play through 10 action packed stages, bringing down enemy tanks, planes, ships, and gargantuan enemy structures.

Zero Wing – Collector’s Edition

This is the big one. Never officially released in North America, Zero Wing will have you take control of the avenging ZIG space fighter across 8 stages using 3 different weapons and your Tractor Beam. This game will have over 30 different endings to experience, so I hope you have plenty of time to catch them all!

Each game individually will cost $44.99 and the collection will cost $159.99. Pre-orders will be open from September 15, 2020 to October 6, 2020 through Castlemania and Limited Run. For more details, check out Retro-Bit’s website.