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The TMNT Could Have Looked Like This…

An illustrator and concept designer by the name of Anthony Francisco, posted these images of his concept art that didn’t make the cut for the film. Check these out:



The images above, were posted by Anthony Francisco on his Facebook page with the caption reading,”When Martin Astles (Head Sculptor at Illusion Industries) told me that Michael Bay wanted to do a TMNT movie, I started doing these concepts to help Illusion get the project. We did get a chance to meet with the producers and the meeting went well but we did not get the gig. So in a way these images you see have just become fan art coz I did not get paid for it , I just wanted to work on it so bad . This was back in 2011.”

He also posted this other image below:


The caption to the image above read,”Instead of going for the more traditional look, which I was going to do eventually, I wanted to try some guns on them… this could be why we did not get the project lol.”


Michael Bay ultimately chose these versions of the turtles, which some aren’t too fond of…


Anthony Francisco currently works for Marvel Studios (Viz-Dev team).