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Thoughts on That BATMAN/SUPERMAN Movie!

‘My Thoughts on That Batman/Superman Movie’ by guest contributor Russ Troutt.


One of the big stories out of Comicon this year is that a Batman/Superman movie is finally happening. And recently it was announced that Ben Affleck will be portraying Bruce Wayne/Batman. A lot of people are upset at the casting of Ben, but I love it and think he has the potential to be the best Batman since Michael Keaton. Speaking of Michael Keaton, it made me think about the story idea I’ve had in my head for years for what I think would be an awesome Batman/Superman movie. Because I know it will never get made, thought I’d share the idea here.

Set in present day, Clark Kent (Superman) is played by Henry Cavill. Playing Bruce Wayne (Batman) is Michael Keaton. Story is this. Bruce has been retired from suiting up as Batman for many years now. We find out that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was his side kick Robin for awhile, but went off on his own thing and is now Night Wing or something like that. Crime rate is down and he just simply hasn’t had to suit up as Batman in a long time. Arkum Asylum appears to be run down and no longer being used from the outside, but inside is a very high tech facility with top flight security holding many of Batman’s and Superman’s villains from the past. Doomsday is back and is set on destruction. He goes to Arkum Asylum to break everyone out. Superman shows up at Arkum Asylum to try and stop him, but is temporarily defeated and Doomsday, along with all of the other villains that were in Arkum Asylum, get away.

Clark knows he can’t fight this battle alone and pays Bruce a visit. It’s obvious from the get go that there is tension between Clark and Bruce and neither are thrilled about talking to each other. Bruce reluctanlty lets him in his mansion and Clark tells Bruce what has happened and begs him to suit up as Batman once more to help him out. Bruce finally decides to put on the Batman suit and fight side by side with Superman to round everyone up and put them back in Arkum Asylum. This leads to some pretty epic battles and one point towards the beginning of them fighting together, Batman and Superman get into a pretty awesome fight. After they get that out of their system, they start getting along better and fighting better together, kicking ass and capturing the villains one by one. Along the way, Robin comes back into the picture to help and instead of being Night Wing, suits up as Robin again for old times sake. In this movie, Michael Cain plays Bruce’s butler and gets killed leading up to the final fight scene with Doomsday. By the end of the fight Robin is injured and knocked into a coma. Batman is nearly dead. Superman is nearly dead himself. Batman distracts Doomsday with what little strength he has left to fight just long enough for Superman to round up the last of his strength and kill Doomsday, but the way he kills Doomsday also kills him. Movie ends with Superman being dead, Robin in a coma, and Batman barely alive. We fast forward and Robin is out of the coma, but Bruce has him in a bed hooked up to iv’s and stuff. Bruce is bandaged up himself and goes down into the batcave. He takes a look around and in a couple of glass cases we see bloodied and torn Batman and Robin suits. Bruce powers everything down, kills the lights, and takes the elevator back up. Bruce is then standing in a graveyard on his property. There are four graves. His mother, his father, the butler Alfred, and Clark Kent’s. He lays a flower on each one. End of movie.

But wait! This is the type of movie that deserves a bonus scene after the credits. In the bonus scene we see Superman show signs of life. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and discussing this.

Russ Troutt