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THIEF New Trailer

12095074545_510dcf0fc8_zEidos Montreal Are Getting Ready to Go For Your Wallet

The Studio behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution are getting ready to bring you the highly anticipated, Theif. Fans of the original will recognize why this is regarded as the begining of stealth game play. Thief really brings to life the fantasy of being the ultimate Master Thief: planning a heist and infiltrating your target, avoiding all the security measures in your way, grabbing the most precious loot and escaping without getting caught.

Fans of the original Thief will be relieved to find the ingredients that made it one of the most respected franchises in the industry. The game doesn’t take gamers for idiots, it’s far from easy, and you can complete it without killing a single enemy or even being seen. But it is not only designed with long-time fans of the series in mind.

Check out their new trailer below and get ready as the game will be released on all the major consoles February 25, 2014.