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The Weekly Lookout: June 24, 2013

The Lookout
Readers and gamers, here’s what you should keep an eye out for to close June.

What a week to be a comic book fan. Greg Pak and Jae Lee’s long awaited New 52 team up book lands this week.  A new Godzilla series springs forth, while loads of critically acclaimed series like FF, Flash, Judge Dredd, and Fathom: The Elite Saga all see follow up issues this week. As if that wasn’t enough Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy make our Wednesday anticipation that much harder with The Wake #2.  Here are five of the most promising books to keep an eye out for this coming Wednesday:

STK612120Batman/Superman #1
Greg Pak was one of the best writers Marvel had going for them. No one else could have taken the Hulk on a yearlong journey through space. Jae Lee was the Marvel artist who brought out the beauty of The Dark Tower. The two team with each other at DC to tell the new dynamic relationship of the dark knight and the man of steel in the New 52. Issue #1 will begin the epic tale of the first meeting between the two and it will be interesting to see how DC reimagines the story for a new audience.


STK611226The Wake #2
Last month’s awe-inspiring debut of The Wake left readers clamoring for more. The first issue set up a secret underwater oilrig and filled it with a powder keg of clashing personalities. Now we’re set to see just how many horrors Scott Snyder can unleash under the ocean.


STK612106The Lazarus #1
Greg Rucka gives readers his look at a bleak near future where resources and laws are all based 100% on possession. Not much is known about the series but Rucka is a fantastic writer of crime and suspense, if he takes the grounded aspect of his work on Gotham Central and puts his own spin on crime in the future, that’s reason enough for readers to give it a try.


STK611638Fathom: The Elite Saga #2
Last week’s debut issue brought new mystery into the world of Fathom. While the first issue stumbled a bit, there was enough intrigue and underwater gorgeousness to keep readers coming back for a second helping. If the previews are any indication issue two will see Kiani unleashed in a big way.


STK611127All Star Western #21
Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray were doing wonders for Jonah Hex even before the New 52 restarted every character in the DC Universe.  Post New 52 the team have made Hex matter to the DCU in ways that feel organic; from dealing with the OWLS through old Gotham, to time displacing him with Booster Gold. Issue #21 sets up a meeting with the new Batwing, A.K.A Lucas Fox. Time travel hasn’t been this much fun since the team of Marty and Doc Brown.

For a full list of new comics releases click here.


Gaming is still coming off its E3 high and you could say this is a light week, but one major release should have players going schizophrenic this Tuesday.

Deadpool-box-artDeadpool  (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
High Moon Studios gives the sweaty palms of gamers control over Marvel Comic’s beloved character Deadpool. In what’s sure to be a life changing experience for no one, Deadpool will mercenary his way through level after level of bad guys, killing everyone insight. We know fans will see appearances from other X-men favorites like Cable and Wolverine. Combine all that and gamers could be in for a real treat of a game. Deadpool could be contender for the title of most wacky fun time you’ll have with a video game this summer.

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