So much goodness new in the pop culture landscape this week. Nuke the Fridge is here to guide you through some of this weeks most promising releases in DVD, comics, and gaming. 

Because there isn’t enough Scott Snyder in the world, this week sees a new chapter of Veritgo’s The Wake and the second Batman Annual written by Snyder. The limited series prequel by Dark Horse based on the blockbuster game The Last Of Us releases its final issue. Bronies and Pegasis’ will be jamming the comic shops to get their hands on IDW’s latest issue of Friend Ship is Magic. So much coming out this week but here’s what NTF is looking forward to:

Batman Inc #13 (DC comics)
Grant Morrison has possibly put Bruce Wayne through more torment than any other writter in Batman’s legend. From Death, being stuck in time, all way way to losing his own son Damian, Bruce should be glad to be saying goodbye to Morrison. Although everyone should suspect Grant won’t go quietly into that good night.


The Wake #3 (DC comics)
Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s strange look at myth and human ancestry has been stellar so far. The books been an edge of your seat horror mystery worthy of the Vertigo legacy. How many more classics does Scott Snyder have left in him? We hope we never have to find out.


Guardians of the Galaxy #5 (Marvel)
While the end of Age of Ultron was stale and read like a previews world catalogue; there’s no denying a character jumping universes is a huge deal. Especially when that jump comes courtesy of the legendary wordsmith Neil Gaiman. GOTG has been a fun space adventure showing Bendis can still work wonders. Combine the two writers for a historic event and you’ve got the makings of a sellout.


Flash Annual #2 (Marvel)
The first Flash annual saw some the seeds of some interesting ideas in the mythology of Barry Allen. This second annual issue looks to tell the story of when Barry met Hal. We can’t wait to see how Buccellato shapes the friendship of this iconic duo alongside the art of one of the visual architects of the New52 Cully Hamner.


Batman Annual #2 (DC Comics)
Yes Scott Snyder makes our list twice. It’s a Zero Year tie in with the work of the amazing Jock. Enough said.



Gaming sees a lot of PC and small console releases like the Mars Rover simulator Take on Mars and the remake of Rise of the Triad. PlayStation 3 owners will finally get their hands on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC known as Vengeance; complete with zombie and multiplayer maps.  The summer of games might just have Madden left to look forward to.

Cloudberry Kingdom (ps3, x360, pc, WiiU)
One of the most interesting gaming releases this week is also one of its simplest. Ubisoft and Pwnee Studios bring gamers a visually beautiful platform adventure as gamers play as the quirky Bob. Cloudberry Kingdom has players jump and dodge their way through billions of levels on a last ditch mission to conquer the land of infinity.



What would have been a quiet week in DVD with only unknown releases like Black Rock and Assault on Wall Street gets redeemed by the Rock. No not Connery and Cage, the people’s champion Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson storms our living room this week.

G.I. Joe Retaliation (DVD/Blu-Ray)
A surprise among critics and audiences when the film was first released; this sequel to G.I. Joe proved Hollywood could respect our childhoods when it wants to. The extras included on the home release include behind the scenes, commentary, and alternate scenes. With most summer blockbusters fizzing out, this might be a great purchase for a night at home this weekend.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (DVD/Blu-Ray)
DC brings us the animated film based on the universe altering story by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. You can read our complete review of the film here. This new turn for the DC animated universe comes with some fan catering easter eggs, which include commentary, some cartoons from the vault, and a couple of Flash centric featurettes.
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