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Post San Diego Brings the Comics.

This week while we’re still recovering from all the movie, gaming, and television news we heard over the weekend at SDDC, we’ll be all about the comics. Those things that Comic-Con used to be about. What a great week it is for comics, with continuing chapters of Trinity War, Uncanny, Flash, and Superior Spidey all clamoring for our attention. A couple of debuts top our list of what we’re looking forward to reading this Wednesday. The best part is your local comic book shop probably won’t have a line.

ALL-NEW FATHOM #1 (Aspen Comics)
Last week’s conclusion to Fathom: The Elite Saga left the series cast splintered in exciting directions. We can’t wait to see where these characters go and how they will do with the returning threat from Aspen Matthews early days. The book debuted to fans at Comic-Con this week and so far reactions have been positive. With issue number one launching for just a dollar, it’s definitely worth a look.


HUNGER #1 (Marvel Comics)
A story that suddenly spawned out of Age of Ultron has us curious about what the ramifications of earth 616’s Galactus feeding his galactic appetite in the ultimate universe will be. With the talents of Fialkov writing this book it can be a sure bet that no matter where Marvel goes with this it will be exciting to read.


Last month Palmiotti and Gray dropped Hex in the worst place imaginable in Gotham, Arkham Asylum. We’re dying to see Jonah Hex come face to face with the modern scum of Gotham City. Palmiotti has been on a roll with last month’s All Star, Batwing, and his AvX What If. Hex’s time displaced adventure looks to continue that momentum.


THE FLASH #22 (DC Comics)
This is it! The Flash comes face to face with the Reverse Flash. With the mystery of the speed force killer coming full circle Barry must find a way to stop this New 52 version of the Reverse Flash. The books status quo will be altered for one of it’s characters when the identity of this new menace and his relationship to a beloved character is revealed.


HAWKEYE ANNUAL #1 (Marvel Comics)
Kate Bishop takes center stage as she goes out west to escape the troubles of her life in NY. But with Madame Masque around peace may not be within reach. The solicits promised major directional change, which is saying something for a book that’s almost made the unconventional a trademark.

You can find a full list of this weeks releases on diamond’s website here. What are you getting? Share with us your pull list on Facebook.