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Your rundown of new stuff this week. 

A nice week to stay inside and beat the heat reading, watching, and playing everything coming out in entertainment this week. I think there might be some small convention going on this weekend but you’ll have to check back later in the week to make sure.

A strong week in comics with continuing chapters of Trinity War, new issues of Avengers, and Invincible. The big ones we’re excited for are the little stories that promise deliver  big moments with the finale of Fathom: The Elite Saga and a new Red Sonja title topping what were looking forward to this week.

Red Sonja #1 (Dynamite)
Writer Gail Simone was once fired from Batgirl but quickly someone at DC came down off their drunken bender and made amends with her to bring her back. But in those couple of days, the talented storyteller got a new book. Dynamite looks to finally give Red Sonja a unique character perspective and with covers by an all star group of female comics creators including Amanda Conner and Fiona Staples this one could be a sell out.


Fathom: The Elite Saga #5 (Aspen)
The conclusion to Aspen’s most ambitious story of their year long celebration. This book is promising to change the status quo for the Fathom universe going in to next weeks All New Fathom #1. So far the rides been fun to watch and if they deliver on this issue, it could be the surprise hit of the week.


100 Bullets: Brother Lono #2 (DC)
Last month this books debut issue scored a perfect ten. It had everything Vertigo fans could want in a 100 Bullets book and more. I can’t wait to see how Azzarello takes us through the worst parts of humanity in this issue.


What If AvsX #2
Give Jimmy Palmiotti a bunch of X-men and Avengers toys to play with and we get a fantastic What If tale unbound by the shackles of the mainstream Marvel Universe. Last months debut had more excitement in its first 10 pages than the actual series first issues altogether.

For a full list of comics releases click here.

Tons of sales on Xbox Live and PSN give fans a lot of great deals on games they might have missed from Konami, Ubisoft and more. Just log on and shop for some great deals, but one release that has us charging our controllers is a new Dynasty Warriors game.

Dynasty Warriors 8 (Xbox360/PS3)
Dynasty Warriors 8 follows the stories of the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin through the actions of historical military and political figures of the time as they fight to gain control over the Three Kingdoms of China.Apart from the Story Mode, which comes with new episodes and characters and takes a deeper look at the drama that unfolds in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story, Dynasty Warriors 8 includes all new “What if?” scenarios. Breaking away from historical fact, this mode takes a look at what could have happened if famous characters had lived to fight another day. Stories branch out to different outcomes providing variety in the course and ending of the game, and giving the players the power to view an alternate version of history depending on their choices. The game also boasts a vast number of new and returning playable characters, as the highly anticipated officers Yue Jin and Li Dian from the Wei Kingdom, who make their first appearance in the series, alongside more than 70 playable characters that fight to prevail in the battlefield.


Two words, Evil Dead.

Evil Dead (2013) DVD/Blu-Ray
While there were a lot of mix feelings about remaking this Sam Rami classic, audiences were pleasantly surprised at the result. It was a return to real horror in cinema and the DVD release packs on tons of behind the scenes extras.

  • Commentary featuring stars Jane Levy, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, Director Fede Alvarez and writer Rodo Sayagues (Blu-ray exclusive)
  • “Making Life Difficult” – The Intense and Physically Exhausting Creation of the Film
  • “Being Mia” – The Physical and Psychological Transformation into “Evil Mia”
  • “Directing The Dead” – Director Fede Alvarez re-imagines a cult horror classic
  • “Unleashing The Evil Force” – Exploring the origins and design of the new Book of the Dead (Blu-ray exclusive)
  • “Evil Dead the Reboot” – Cast Rehearsals, Bruce Campbell, Deadites and more! (Blu-ray exclusive)


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