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THE WEEKLY LOOKOUT: August 12, 2013

The radar this week in comics and gaming

Sometimes the world is a magical place. Once every blue moon we can forget about the wars, poverty, and crime riddled throughout our society and just enjoy the fact that we get Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, and the return of Saga all in the the same week. As always here’s Nuke The Fridge’s rundown on this weeks hot comics. Find the full diamond release list here.

Saga #13
For those that don’t know Saga is the best of the best in comics. A sci-fi adventure with more heart and character on a single page than all of DC and Marvel put together. This book is one not to be missed. If you’ve never read it, give them a chance and pick up the first volume of Saga for around $10 bucks at your local comic book store.

Batman# 23
Zero Year looks to hit a major point when the story of Bruce’s first time in the cowl is told. This is history right here folks!

Halo Initiation# 1
Halo as a comic was hit and miss over at Marvel. It brought up some interesting parts of the Halo universe that aren’t touched on in the game but were never really executed to their potential. The previews for Inititation look to show how much character this universe has outside of the Master Chief.

Infinity# 1
Marvel’s teaser back on Free Comic Book Day pays off here with the beginning of its latest universe spanning event. With war breaking out on Earth and in Space the heroes of the Marvel universe must divide to try and combat the threat. Plus Thanos comes back to kill, kill, kill.

Steampunk Corsairs# 1
My girlfriend would kill me if I didn’t mention a new book that combines steampunk and sexy. Rod Espinosa delivers sexy steampunk adventure with this glorious, full-color taie! Join the all-female crew of the Alexandria, a super-powered submersible, as they engage in sultry espionage and steam-powered derring-do to take back what’s rightfully theirs!


A big week for gaming with tons of releases for kids, nostalgic gamers, and the hardcore. You can find a rundown of all the games at the Spot but here’s a few we feel are going to make waves with gamers.

Payday 2 (PS3, Xbox 360)
The sequel to the surprise hit Payday: The Heist; this game looks to amp up the action and ruthlessness of the original. Using a more tactical approach to the game play, gamers will really feel what it’s like to plan major crimes.

Ducktales Remastered (PSN, Xbox Live)
Classics never die. Audiences new and old will adore following the adventures of fan favorite Disney character Scrooge McDuck as he explores differently themed worlds on his way to becoming the richest duck in the world. Hewy, Dewy, Louie and all the family will be ripe for adventure.

Mari & Luigi: Dream Team (3ds)
Most Mario games have the same premise; save a princess from the evil clutches of a Bowser inside a castle. What’s new about this game is its use of Inception style gameplay where Mario must go between the real world and Luigi’s dreams in order to complete his mission. It looks to be another welcome addition to the Mario gaming family.
Mario 3