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The Walking Dead’s Negan announced as new fighter for Tekken 7 Season 2

Bandai Namco Entertainment always has a few surprises in store at EVO and this year is no different. At the conclusion of the Tekken 7 grand finals, Katsuhiro Harada  appeared on stage with some big news.

It was revealed that season 2 of Tekken 7 would include six new characters which included returning fighters Anna William and Lei Wulong.

The last character was quite a surprise and came out of nowhere. We’ve seen the addition of Street Fighter’s Akuma, SNK’s Geese Howard, Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis Lucis Caelum and now you can add Negan to that list.

Yes you read that right, Negan from The Walking Dead will be joining the battle armed with Lucielle (his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire). Can’t say I ever imaged Negan facing off against Devil Kazuya but that could be quite an interesting match.

No date on when Tekken 7 season two will be released but according to Bandai Namco Entertainment it will be soon.