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The Walking Dead: The Final Season could be completed by “Potential Partners”

It was quite a surprise when it was announced that Telltale Games would be shutting down. While it had been something many had seen coming due to a toxic work environment, failure to innovate and followed the same formula of game development no one saw this coming so soon especially the people hit hardest the most in this, are the employees.

90% of the Telltales workforce was let go and even worse it was even reported that some workers had actually been at the office working until 3am only to find out that same day that they were being let go. They were informed that they would not be getting a severance pay and were told they had 30 minutes to leave the building. Right now Telltale is retaining 25 workers, “to fulfill the company’s obligations to its board and partners” which means they working on the Minecraft: Story Mode adaptation for Netflix before they close up for good.

This means all project are canceled including The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stanger Things but what about The Walking Dead: The Final Season?

Episode 2 is set for a release today but the final two episodes are up in the air. All might not be lost though as Telltale posted on Twitter that there could be a chance that episode 3 and 4 could still be released as “potential partners” have expressed interest in completing the game. This would make fans happy, especially those who already purchased the season pass.

We plan on talking a lot more about Telltale Games soon in the next episode of our podcast so stay tuned but in good news, there have been many companies who have started reaching out to former Telltale employees about jobs.