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THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff Takes Place in Los Angeles But Where’s the Hispanic Cast?


Not much is known about the planned AMC spin off for The Walking Dead.  What we do know is that the show is set before the time of “Rick Grimes’ group” in Atlanta and that it’s about an entirely different set of Zombie Apocalypse survivors. Today, thanks to TvLine, we Learned where the series will take place and that’s in Los Angeles. Kinda cool since I live there.

So far Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, and Malycia Debnam CareyRead are set for “lead” roles but if it takes place in Los Angeles there needs to be more of a Hispanics cast added.  I mean for a show based in “realism” are they about to drop the ball? It’s the demographic of the city.  Right now the show can be called The Walking Dead Orange County and it would be more fitting. Also, I’m not talking about the stereotype Hispanic “Gang Bangers.” I’m talking about the real ones we see everyday in Los Angeles that include doctors, teachers, police, actors, and so on and so forth.

AMC… I’m watching you.

The pilot will start to shoot in 2015.