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My favorite series from Valiant concludes and it concludes in a big way!

The Valiant #4 is the final issue of the four-part series. The battle between the Geomancer and the Immortal Enemy. The team continues to attempt to stop the Immortal Enemy but after all, he is called Immortal for a reason.

Bloodshot and Geomancer completely own this issue with their story. They take the spotlight in this one and for more reasons than one. Their bond, their action scenes and the very surprising ending.


I really hope that The Valiant series comes back soon because it really showcased a lot of their characters and I think it’s a great way to get someone into Valiant comics if they aren’t already.¬†Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt wrote a great story and proved to be one of the best writing teams out there.


I think any comic fan should pick this issue up and the rest of the series. The series delivered from beginning to end and the ending alone makes it worth the read. I’m very anti-spoiler, so I won’t tell you want happens but its ending is a beginning to something that I’m sure will be awesome.

Pick up this issue Wednesday.