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The Valiant #3 is what every fan of Valiant Comics has been wanting.

The entire Valiant Universe faces off against the Immortal Enemy! Can they help Eternal Warrior succeed where he has failed so many times before? Civilization’s best hope against the darkness may lie in the unlikeliest of romances…


After issue #2 ended with a teaser of more Valiant Comics characters possibly making an appearance in the next issue, I was eager to see which ones would and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed. I won’t say which characters appear in the issue but put it this way, if you have been a long time fan of Valiant Comics, you will be at an awe with this issue.

There is plenty of action in this issue and plenty of story. It made for a good balance. The one thing I do wish that this issue had was some more characters having their awesome moments. Though a lot of characters appear, only a few of them get the spotlight in a panel or two during all of the action.


Something that I particularly liked about this issue other than the epic battle, was that after the end of the issue, there is a special commentary section which consists of  four pages of insight from Jeff Lemire. Being a writer, it’s always awesome to hear from a writers point-of-view, so that was a plus for me.

This issue was my favorite issue of The Valiant so far. I say so far because I have no doubt that issue #4 will be even better because each issue has consistently surpassed the last and since it will be the final issue, I can only assume that it will go out with a bang.

The Valiant #3 hits stores this Wednesday.