The Transformers Metroplex Update Makes Problems Worse

The latest expansion for the new Transformers Trading Card Game brings in a slew of new Transformers, and a ton of new upgrade cards. While mixing up a few things and adding some extra flavor to mechanics and character cards in the base set, The Latest Autobot City expansion just makes what I already dislike about the game that much more problematic.

Now, I dont hate the game. I did have plenty of great things to say in my review of the base game. You can read that here.

My biggest problem lies in the sheer lack of variety. There are still no Decepticons included in the upgrade pack, which means that if you want a villain on your team, you will have to buy the separate booster packs. I myself have opened several packs now and only found one Decepticon. That is outside the packs and starter packs Hasbro provided free of charge for this review.

This is an issue because from what i can tell of looking at the cards online, Decepticons add a more strategic risk/reward type of situation that I would love to play around with.

Also Thinking as a kid would (whom this game is targeted to) I personally thought the Decpticons were way cooler. So the grind to get and bad guys on your team will be a challenge.

The new City Patrol and Skyscraper bot do add a little excitement, with the skyscraper bot being an even larger jumbo card that dwarves even the large base transformer cards.

All in all the new expansion adds more of the same. Which is a shame, because I see loads of potential in this game. In order to remedy my problems I would love to see them add more vareity (Incecticons, dinobots, and Decepticons) to starte packs, and to booster packs.