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The Russo Bros. Are Working On a ‘GRIMJACK’ and ‘Battle Of The Planets’ Adaption

During this years San Diego Comic Con panel the Russo Bros. announced that they will be helping produce and possibly direct live-action adaptions of both the IDW series GRIMJACK and the Japanese franchise Gatchaman although it was better known in the west as Battle of the Planets.

GRIMJACK Backstory

GRIMJACK from First Comics and IDW Publishing originally debuted in 1983 in Starslayer and eventually got his own standalone comic the following August.

According to Wikipedia:

Grimjack is the street name of John Gaunt, a sword-for-hire, ex-paramilitary, war veteran and former child gladiator. He operates from Munden’s Bar in the Pit, a slum area of Cynosure, a pan-dimensional city to which all dimensions connect.

Battle of the Planets History

Battle of the Planets is the Americanized version of the classic anime Gatchaman that was released in Japan back in the ’70s and has still stayed relevant in the hearts of anime fans with several spinoffs and features in games over the past 40+ years.

Joe and Anthony mentioned during the panel that they looked up to both series’ as kids and are excited to see where the series will eventually end up. No other details on production were given.

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