The PREDATOR Is Coming Back!

Well it looks like Fox, this time under Disney, is looking into a new Predator movie and this time it will be directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s,  Dan Trachtenberg.

The last time we saw the Predators was in 2018 when Shane black ( Who stared in the original movie) returned to the series this time as the direct. Although many were optimistic because of Black has a history with the franchise and his good film making, many fans were left underwhelmed. Now Fox, owned by Disney, is looking into resuscitating the series.

What we also know so far is that the script is being written by Patrick Aison (Kingdom, Jack Ryan and Treadstone.)

Without a doubt the Predator franchise is beloved by many all around the world. So it’s only natural that the Studios have been constantly trying to  revise the sleeping giant. 

Two questions – Will Arnold Schwarzenegger return? Will the film be rated “R”?