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The original Teen Titans cartoon may be coming back!

Long before Teen Titans Go! there was the original Teen Titans cartoon which aired on Cartoon Network between 2003-2006. While it’s been over a decade since we last saw the series, fans have always hoped for either a true series finale or even a reboot and it may just be happening.

At Wondercon last week, Teen Titans Go! co-producer Michael Jelenic was asked during the Teen Titans Go panel if we might see the original series in some shape or form. Jelenic didn’t hold back and said that he can almost guarantee that the original Teen Titans will be coming back.

As a fan of the original Teen Titans, I would love to see the series return or even got a proper ending which it really deserved. It wouldn’t be a stretch either as we live in a time that see everyone is remaking or rebooting popular shows, movies and games from a decade ago.

With Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! heading to theaters in July and a live action Teen Titans show also set to release this year (as well as a new season of Young Justice) it would be a great time to be a fan of Teen Titans.