27678Ever wonder what George Washington, Paul Revere and Ben Franklin were like in their younger years? Well it’s nothing like you would imagine.

The Order of the Forge is a story which is something like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. In this issue, we see that the story involves some mystical fantasy elements blended with some horror and historical elements. The story follows a young George Washington who is friends with Paul Revere. They two battle a storm which can do some dangerous things like give people strange abilities. Throughout the issue, we see Washington and Revere cuss and it’s kind of funny to even imagine them doing so. Ben Franklin also makes an appearance towards the end of the issue so we can expect more of him in the future of this story.



The story is from Victor Gischler. Dark Horse fans may be familiar with his work on Angel & Faith. So you can expect some of the fantasy and horror aspects in this book as well. Though, it’s very different from the Angel & Faith series.


If you like outlandish stories or are a fan of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, then this series may be for you. The Order of the Forge will be available April 29.