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The One Expected Party!


Caliburn24 here with one Academy Award party.

Of course, the filmmakers of The Hobbit went empty handed at the awards podium, but a few managed to make it to the party. The One Expected Party was put on by the One Ring.net website as well as its sponsors and held at the Hollywood American Legion Post Sunday night. It was a formal event with well dressed attendees and a few dressed up as Hobbits. At night, Smaug’s eye was projected onto the Legion Post’s wall. A plaque with a simulated Arkenstone hung over the enteranceway. There was a statue of Gollum with fish in hand in the lobby. A side room had raffle items which were t-shirts and the deluxe DVD sets of Two Towers and Return of the King. A table also had many silent auction items; a Gollum statue signed by Andy Serkis and a t-shirt signed by Sylvester McCoy. A statue of an Uruk-hai watched over the bar. There was a copy of the contract signed by the Dwarves and Bilbo Baggins with ink and pen for partygoers to sign. Two of the artists attending the party were Tim Kirk and Donato Giancola. They contributed artwork to An Unexpected Art Show with thirty other artists.

A lunch buffet was held before the Academy Awards were screened in the large hall. The host, Quickbeam, came by to host during the commercial breaks. He is a writer for the OneRing.net website. Towards the end of the awards was the dinner buffet. The seats in the center of the hall were taken away for a presentation area and dance floor. A Celtic band, Emerald Rose, played that night. Later in the night, Sala Baker stopped by and mentioned that the next films he worked on are Star Trek 2 and Iron Man 3. Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd were wandering around the hall and then went on stage. They made a joke of their dialogue in Fellowship with the rocket. The production designer of The Hobbit, Dan Hennah, stopped by with his wife, Chris. The design crew went on stage to talk to the fans. Billy Boyd returned to the stage to read a poem. Then, he started playing with his group, Beecake. Visual effects supervisor, Joe Letteri, also stopped by to the party with his family. He also went onstage to talk to the partygoers. Dominic Monaghan joined Billy Boyd and Beecake onstage to sing a few numbers to close the night.