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The Next Smash Ultimate Fighter Will Be From ARMS

During the Nintendo Direct Mini the news broke that the next Smash Brothers Ultimate fighter as part of Fighter Pass 2 will be a representative from ARMS.

Weirdly enough this announcement came with very little fanfare as the Direct featured no character trailer but rather a quick update. Rather than Sakurai announcing it the news dropped very suddenly and without a clear representative. All we know for now is that the fighter will be from ARMS and will be released in June.

The reason for the long wait is currently unknown but could be due to the current Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world causing several companies and studios to work from home or cease production. Despite theories development time for the next fighter has doubled with Sakurai stating at the time that development for a fighter like this has “unprecedented tactics”.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 is available for preorder on the Nintendo eShop.