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The NES Classic is Set to return Next Summer!

Nintendo’s release of the NES Classic Edition was less than ideal as getting the system was a nightmare for any. With Nintendo releasing a small batch at a time, it made it pretty difficult for anyone who really wanted one to get it and it didn’t help that it was in production for only a short amount of time.

Well there is good news for those who haven’t paid the marked up prices on sites like ebay as Nintendo announced that it will be bringing back the NES Classic in Summer 2018. That’s right the previously discontinued console will be returning, which is good news due to the overwhelming reception Nintendo received from fans.

Not only that but Nintendo also announced that the SNES Classic will be seeing a longer release window and won’t be released only up until the end of the year as originally announced.

Nintendo still plans to release a larger quantity of the SNES Classic Edition compared to the NES Classic Edition upon it’s release meaning hopefully it’s easier to grab one on day one when the system releases on September 29th.

Nintendo will release more details on the NES Classic Edition at a later date.